Kwame Nkrumah
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With Author's Note written in Conakry.

An account of a crucial period in the history of the Republic of Congo by one of the heads of state most closely involved.

New light is thrown on Katanga's secession, the failure of the UN operation, the murder of Lumumba, foreign military intervention at Stanleyville (Kisangani) and the seizure of power by Mobutu.

A most valuable and unusual feature is the publication of contemporary diplomatic records on which future historical analysis will be based.

It may be asked... why I have taken it upon myself to write about a sister African State. The reasons are straightforward. The troubles of the Congo are our troubles and her struggles are those of the independent states of Africa. I make no apology in examining critically, for all to see, the influences that have been at work in the Congo.

Kwame Nkrumah

First published 1967.
Reprinted 1969, 1974, 2002.
320 pages
ISBN 978-0-901787-10-1 (P/b)